Unizon på ICMEO

Datum: 16 maj 2018 9:0013:00
Ort: Stockholm
Plats: Stockholm City Conference Center, Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 71B

Unizon håller workshop om accountability och om hur män kan arbeta tillsammans med kvinnorörelsen för jämställdhet och mot mäns våld, på  internationella konferensen ICMEO - International Conference on Men and Equal Opportunities. Tidigare har konferensen arrangerats av Tyskland, Österrike och Luxemburg och i år arrangeras den i Sverige av Regeringskansliet.

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ONSDAG 16 MAJ 9:00-13:00 

Theme III: Stereotypical norms of masculinity – a cause of violence


Workshop host: National Gender Equality Agency, Sweden in cooperation with Nordic Council of Ministers
To prevent sexual harassment and violence against women and girls, actions to reach boys and young men must be taken on an early stage. Boys and young men need knowledge and an active role in preventing gender based violence. This workshop presents methods and programs developed in Nordic countries to prevent gender based violence focusing on boys and young men. Prevention of honour-related violence will also be raised. Join the discussion on what can be done in schools, civil services and counselling work. From the workshop programme:

• “Nothing to wait for”: Implementing violence prevention with a gender perspective in municipalities, experiences, perspectives and challenges. Contributors: Cecilia Narby, National agency for youth and civil society; Sofie Kindahl, Men for gender equality; Lucas Gottzén, Professor, Department Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University. (Sweden)

• “Stop the Dating Violence”: Preventing violence in young people's intimate relationships. Contributors: Hedda Hakvåg, senior advisor at Reform – Resource Centre for Men (Norway); Susanne Nour Magnusson, Director, Dialog mod Vold (Denmark),

• “Preventing honor related violence”, Sigrid Bacher Frederiksen, The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (Denmark)

• “Working with men – a European perspective” Contributors: Gerhard Hafner, Dipl. Psych (Germany), Olga Persson, Secretary-General at Unizon Swedish association for women’s shelters and young women’s empowerment centres (Sweden)