Unizon represents over 130 Swedish women’s shelters, young women’s empowerment centres and other support services which work together for a gender equal society free from violence.

Need help? Here you can find contacts to all our member organisations: http://unizon.se/hitta-jour

Kvinnofridslinjen – Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline is always open: phone number: 020-50 50 50

In case of emergency call the police: 112

About Unizon
Our member organisations offer support and protection and work with prevention and advocacy, using their knowledge of violence, gender and power and the relationship between them.

Unizon is not affiliated to any political party or religion.

Goals and vision

Our vision is a gender equal society free from violence. If we are to end men's violence against women, we must work towards greater equality in a number of areas.

Notions of what is considered feminine or masculine influence and limit our behaviour and our understanding of ourselves. Unizon believes we are not born into our gender roles, and that it is possible to change the way women and men are perceived and break the link between violence and masculinity.