Sweden is one of the world's least unequal countries. Yet men's violence against women remains one of Sweden's biggest social problems.

Thousands of women and children seek refuge in the country's women's shelters every year. Roughly 100 rapes are committed each day. 1 in 10 children grow up experiencing violence from their father towards their mother. Men's violence is an obstacle to the human rights of women and children everywhere in the world.

Unizon's member organisations support, protect, prevent and advocate for change. Our shelters and centers fight for the rights of women and children every day, using their knowledge of violence, gender and power and the relationship between them.

Working with the consequences of men's violence, we see the possibility for change and prevention. We believe in breaking the link between masculinity and violence. We strive for a world in which every child can grow up free from gender stereotypes. We know that our work against men's violence towards women goes hand in hand with the struggle for gender equality.

We believe in changing people's perspectives, stepping into new arenas and highlighting that men's violence against women is not an isolated issue. In all parts of society there are people with the power to make a difference; relatives, colleagues, managers, volunteers and politicians among many others. Everybody wins in a equal society and every single person is important in the work of achieving this goal. Unizon challenges each individual to start by asking themselves what they can do in their own surroundings.

Unizon unites women's shelters, young women's empowerment centers, youth centres and rape crisis centres. Our member organisations are what keeps us grounded in the reality of everyday life. By being the unified voice of the shelters and centres, Unizon helps abused women and children be heard.

Together we can create a gender equal society free from violence.

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